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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  November 13, 2013 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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factor. look it up now. thanks for watching tonight. megyn is next. please remember, the spin stops here. we are definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight the obama care numbers are out and in the words of the architect of the president's signature legislative achievement, we are disappointed. dr. emmanuel joins me live later tonight for round two of our spirited the discussion. but first welcome to "the kelly file." i'm megyn kelly. just hours ago we learned that the numbers appear to be even worse than originally reported. less than 27,000 enrolling in the federally run exchanges. 27,000. as for the state-run exchanges that have been working better less than 80,000 signed up there. we don't know how many, if any of the people have paid for the plans as opposed to saying they
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want them and putting them in the shopping cart. meantime tax-pair funded health care is popular. the medicaid roles spiking by nearly 400,000 people. look at the disparity there. the biggest number of all, now more than 5 million americans who have lost their health insurance despite president obama's pledge that if you like your health care plan, you can keep it, period. now those 5 million and maybe more have roughly 30 days to find something or they will start the year without any coverage at all come january 2014. marc thiessen is a former speechwriter for president george w. bush. put the numbers from perspective for us. >> the white house bragged today that 27 million people visited health since the launch. 27,000 have signed up. that's a fail rate of .1%. kathleen sebelius had the nerve
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to say the marketplace is working. if they were in a real marketplace and they had that kind of sales rate they would be going out of business. this is not working. >> they are in a position where they have to get 5 million -- that's the number that was cancelled. they have to get those 5 million signed up for insurance before a month from now. if they don't sign up by december 15 they don't have coverage january 1. according to our map, that means they need 156,000 sign-ups a day for the next 32 days just to break even. that's not counting the original 7 million they said they needed to make obama care work. >> even worse than that. you are being generous. they promised the american people -- president obama, november 6, by the end of the month we anticipate it will be working the way it is supposed to. by the end of november they promised the website would be working. starting december 1. everybody can go to health
9:03 pm and it will work like priceline. they have to have everybody signed up by the 15th. that's 15 days. 388,000 people a day they have to sign up. if the website is working perfectly. and it's not going to be. >> you may be being too generous, too. today the chief technology officer they have now assigned to look into this problem and work on the website testified before congress. his name is todd park. listen to this exchange. >> you've got to tell when it's going to be in good shape. can you give us a date? is this end of the month realistic? >> the team is working really hard to hit that goal. that's what i'm able to say now. >> to me, as a former web developer that's what i was telling clients when we were going to miss a deadline. we're working really hard to meet it. >> it may not be ready to go
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come december 1st. >> no. kathleen sebelius, health will be fully functional for the vast majority of consumers by tend of november. this is the latest obama care promise not kept. we have now 107,000 people who supposedly signed up. probably many of those are very poor, sick people who will lower the risk pool for obama care and make it expensive. a lot of those are people of the 5 million losing plans. that leaves -- say they signed up 107 million. that leaves 4.9 million people who lost their plans. they have to make that up before the end of the year. the whole purpose of obama care was to cover the uninsured. they are not even going to cover the currently insured by the end of the year. >> the real devastation is if people who had insurance who have been cancelled cannot get on the website or get on and find premiums too high and january 1 comes and people who
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have real illnesses, serious illnesses, children with serious illnesses find themselves uninsured when they were happily insured prior to the loss. that's the true devastation. that's bigger than the collapse of a law. that's a societal disaster. marc, thank you. >> it's a life and death issue. thank you. >> much more on this. i will ask dr. emanuel when he joins me shortly. he's one of the principals behind the law. we'll talk to him about it. and the president is losing credibility with a huge number of americans. half the country think the president knowingly lied when he promised you can keep your health care if you like it. four in ten say he didn't know the pledge would be broken. 55% of the american people say this administration has tried to deceive the public about the health care law. and nearly 9 in 10 people, 86%
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say elected officials in washington are adding to the country's problems, not solving them. andrew is best known for pitting away the terrorists behind the terrorist bombings. barack obama is guilty of fraud, serial fraud, this piece says. >> right. far more serious than people who routinely are prosecuted by the justice department. just the lie about if you like your plan, you can keep your plan which basically scratches the surface of the fraud here was repeated systemically and numerous times years after we can prove that he knew what he was saying was not true. we have millions of victims. untold billions of losses here. if you look at what the u.s. attorney guidelines say about
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prosecuting fraud cases they talk about frauds of big classes of people, like people who are the in the market for purchasing insurance on your own rather than getting it through work. or frauds on the entire american people. if ever there has been a fraud on the american people it's this one. i would say, this business about you want your plan you keep your plan is just the beginning of it. remember, he promised premiums would go down $2r,500. premiums are skyrocketing. he knew that. he told the american people there would be no taxes. he scolded george stephanopoulos for suggesting that obama care was a tax. his lawyers went into the supreme court and argued that the plan should be upheld because it is a tax. >> successfully argued. >> we are not talking about -- we are talking about serial fraud on multiple levels.
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multiple different misrepresentations. >> if this was a ceo of an insurance company that did this to the american people what would you have done? >> he would be prosecuted in a heartbeat. the justice department prosecutes for frauds that are a lot more oblique than this. this is a pretty "in your face," almost a crude fraud if you think about the misrepresentations. >> you can prosecute for somebody for material misstatement and material omission. if there was something he should have disclosed but didn't. this is an exercise in theoretical discussion. nobody will inthe diagnostic the president of the united states. what's the remedy? if people suggest, as the polls suggest, they have been intentionally lied to by the president of the united states what's the remedy? >> the remedy the framers gave us for reigning in executive excess if it's abusive is impeachment. now impeachment is a political, not a legal remedy. even if you can prove high
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crimes and misdemean no, sir and i don't think there would be a problem proving them, it doesn't make sense to have the discussion until there is a political appetite in the tri to remove the president. i don't think we are close to there at this point. however, this is a big, scandalous scheme. the more you look at it, the more systemic dishonesty is just rife all the way through it. >> short of pushing for impeachment vote at the ballot box. we are seeing democrats starting to jump ship. good to see you, andy. >> good to see you. >> the numbers that will matter to most americans, in fact, millions of americans are next. we'll show you the ugly new survey and what small businesses say they are now planning for their insured workers next year. plus, round two between myself and the architect of obama care, dr. ezekiel emanuel joins me live to continue the
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discussion about the health care rollout and the enrollment numbers we didn't have last time. >> you are claiming we're not on track. you have no idea of knowing. >> i wish i could know but kathleen sebelius won't tell me. >> it's irrelevant. >> that's for the american people to decide. >> irrelevant. >> if it's meaningless why not give out the number and we'll give out the number and we'll decide for huh, fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. everybody knows that. well, did you know that when a tree falls in the forest and no one's around, it does make a sound? ohhh...ohhh...oh boy! i'm falling. everybody look out! ahhhhh...ugh. little help here. geico. fifteen minutes could save you...well, you know. anybody?
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file" with megyn kelly. >> we have scary new survey results tonight from public opinion research suggesting one in four small business owners are likely to drop insurance coverage for employees next year. carl cokarl rove is a fox news political contributor. they are suggesting 64% of business owners say the obama care law will have a negative impact on them. 27% have replaced full time with part time workers. they are gearing up to drop coverage. these are folks with under 50 employees who don't have to provide coverage but do and they are gearing up to drop it. >> half of the firms surveyed indicated they were likely to cap employees at 49 or less of the franchise owners. i think 5% of them said they thought the law was positive while 64% said negative. of those who own nonfranchise
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businesses 63% said it would have a negative impact on business. only 12% said it would have an affirmative impact. this points to a lot more people losing coverage next year. there was a study here done which indicated they took a look at tim pact of the rules adopted in june of 2010 and december of 2012 and concluded between 32 and 52 million insurance policies are going to be cancelled as a result of the failure to live up to the new, more expensive standards of the affordable care act. >> many say this is one of the key reasons we are with seeing so many democrats starting to jump ship on the law. it's not just 5 million cancelled so far in the individual market or maybe 10 million more cancelled in the market. it's when small businesses start firing people, reducing them to part time and cancelling the insurance plans all together, that's a major event politically. it will happen given the
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structure of the law starting november, december of 2014 before the midterm election. >> it's already happening. there was a study looking at the current population survey from the census department for the second quarter comparing this year to last year. people working 30 to 34 hours a week. an average, 146,500 oh fewer of them each month during the second quarter this year compared to last year. on the other hand, those people working 25 hours a week, 119,000 more during the second quarter. people are starting to see in their work place they are losing hours. the number of people working a second job has risen this year compared to last. people are losing the hours at their job and they have to find hours some place else.
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>> there is a question about what will happen to premiums. aetna has warned that they may be yuissuing premiums up substantially for small businessesful they are not going to just take it on the chin. >> no. >> they will get rid of the insurance or pass it along to employees. >> the numbers today were deadful. one of the reasons is the people who are most likely to sign up first are older, less healthy people which means the cost of carrying those people is high. because of the weird way in which the affordable care act is structured with a thing called community rating you have to have younger, healthier workers to subsidize older, less healthy workers. next february between february and june, every insurance company has to figure out what the 2015 premium wills look like. when they look at these exchanges a group of people that's relatively older and less
9:17 pm
healthy than was forecast. as a result during february to june they will figure the premiums based on populations for 2015 and in september and october of next year they will mail out notices saying surprise, the adverse nature the premium increases will be big for 2015. this is a problem for paying the premiums. also for the president's party because the notices will be hitting in september and october of next year. >> one of the other architects of obama care was on this week. he said they don't get enough people signing up then the premiums will be very, very high. i have to run, karl. two months ago senator ted cruz was called crazy, unhinged and a threat to the country because he called for a delay in obama care. what does he think now that most of congress is calling for the same thing? we'll ask him next. and why would a school district say no to the pledge of
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on the new tempur-choice. the triple choice sale is on now at sleep train. a story from south dakota getting national attention. a school district there decided there is no time in the day for students to recite the pledge of allegiance despite a desperate request from a local vets' group to keep the pledge. trace? >> reporter: francis bellamy 1892. he designed the pledge to be read in 15 seconds but it only takes ten which is too long for the sioux falls, south dakota, school board which has voted not
9:22 pm
to require students to recite the pledge. it's okay in elementary and middle schools but in high schools they say it's too much of a challenge. listen. >> the challenge of being able to find a period within the high school day, to say it consistently appears to be a challenge. >> a group of veterans who fought to defend the flag were also at the meeting requesting that the board put aside the ten seconds a day out of pure respect. listen. >> we had a wounded veteran. it took him longer to get up, to get his crutches and walk out of the room than it would have taken the students to say the pledge of allegiance to the flag. >> despite that military plea the board voted not to recite the pledge you see on the screen because where in a seven -hour day do you find the extra ten
9:23 pm
seconds? listen again. >> we do not -- there is not always an opportunity to have the pledge of allegiance spoken every day. >> if you were timing it, that sound bite took 11 seconds. the veterans say they are not giving up. they will continue fighting and see if they can get it reinstated. >> trace, thank you. fox news contributor jedediah joins us now. they can't find time for it? >> it's ridiculous saying they can't find time. it's strange that the high schools tonight have a homerun period. even if you didn't there is some period in the day where attendance is taken, activities are talked about. even if i had a ten-minute homerun session, you can't say you don't have ten seconds for
9:24 pm
the pledge. a lot of high school students don't know it. in this day and age you have kids who don't understand the value of the pledge who don't understand the value of paying tribute to veterans, to people who fought for the country and don't understand who america stands for. they can't even recite the pledge. >> they are not forced to take a moment to pause and consider it. eventually it seems in and you stop and say, what does that mean? >> if you say it, you consider it. you take a minute -- maybe ott not every day but to think about the words. if you are talking about liberty maybe you think what does the united states stand for. especially for middle school students. they go home and ask their parent what is this means. i have tauk taught in schools for years where i never heard the pledge. i can't tell you how many students couldn't recite it. this is why people don't know what we are talking about and what we are looking to preserve. they can't recite the pledge.
9:25 pm
>> they have tomime for sex ed. we used to the go bowling for gym sometimes in my school. >> and they have time for a bunch of politically correct activities but the pledge doesn't fit in. no time for that, sadly in my opinion. >> we'll see if the vets win the fight. for months hillary clinton has had a lead over chris christie. but not anymore. what happened? in three minute it is architect of obama care dr. ezekiel emanuel talking about the release of the terrible enrollment numbers and the growing anger we are seeing in fox news polls tonight. >> the public's trust in his signature health care, his signature achievement, no one needs to be held account able? >> it's frustrating and i think it should have been rolled out better. i am just as frustrated as everyone in the public.
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esurance. now backed by allstate. click or call. back now to our top story. the administration releasing the first obama care enrollment numbers a few hours ago. less than 27,000 people selected a plan from the feds. less than 80,000 people signed up through the state exchanges. a few weeks ago one of the architects of obama care joined me. i asked him about this issue. watch. >> we are not on track. we are not anywhere near on track for that. >> excuse me. >> the latest numbers we have and ms. sebelius won't tell us what it is. but the latest numbers suggest it's about 129,000 people. >> ms. kelly, as i have
9:30 pm
repeatedly said whatever the number is today is irrelevant. people aren't going to buy until round about thanksgiving. >> all right. >> for a january 1st start. >> here's my question. >> you cannot project from today's enrollment. >> okay. here is my next question. >> you are claiming we are not on track. you have no idea. >> i wish i could know for sure. kathleen sebelius won't tell me. now we know. back with me now dr. ezekiel emanuel, speci emanuel. author of "brothers emmanuel," a memoir of an american family." his brother is the mayor of chicago. rahm emanuel was at one time president obama's chief of staff. your reaction to the latest numbers is what? >> i think they are dis appoia t disappointing. i think it's not that cop fusing
9:31 pm
since the website wasn't wor working. i'm not surprised. remember, we have four and a half months from today to get to the end of the open enrollment period. it's the end of the open enrollment period which is fine. this is like watching a tea kettle saying, is it boiling yet? that's not very helpful. >> it's concerning. let me show you the number. >> i have -- >> let me ask the question and you can answer. 5 million people have been cancelled already. >> that's not a reliable number. >> it's at least 3 million. >> not reliable. >> and the stats say 5 million. >> only on fox. >> let's go with 3 million. you can deny the problem, sir, but the data is out there. >> no. >> it's 5 million people tonight
9:32 pm
by our numbers. if that's the case, put the full screen back on the board. then you need 156,000 people to sign up every day for the next 32 days just to break even. that's not even talking about the 7 million you needed from the get-go to make obama care work. >> that's not right, megyn. you've got the numbers wrong. 7 million includes the people who were expected from the individual market to come on as well. so it's not just -- >> oh. >> 7 million and the number from the individual market. the second point is you have to remember in the individual market before obama care the insurance companies were cancelling people all the time. that's one of the reasons we wanted the exchanges the to work. i agree with you. without the exchanges working this cancellation policy is worrisome. the key thing is to get the exchanges working, get the website working so those people have a place to go where they
9:33 pm
will get better insurance at a reasonable rate overall. >> there is a lot in your answer. first are you admitting it was foreseen that the individual insurance market would collapse and that was a key facet of obama care working? >> it's not a matter of foreseeing. the insurance companies always cancel policies. >> the it is a matter. that's spin. you know as well as i do that the mass cancellations we have seen are hurting a lot of americans. they are upset and their relationship with their doctor has been severed as a result -- >> ms. kelly, you don't seem to remember -- >> you keep down playing it, sir, but it's happened. now you say it's irrelevant. the it is relevant. >> maybe if you would stop yelling at me -- >> did you or didn't you? >> you don't see that before obama care that's cancellations happened all the time. you never covered them. they were common. >> so the two things are disconnected? >> you keep interrupting. isn't there any matters sneer. >> it's a back and forth. i'm not giving you the platform for a soliloquy. are you saying the things are
9:34 pm
unrelated? pick your number, 5 million and obama care are up related? >> no. look, the insurance industry was not forced to cancel anyone. they cancelled people before. they see the individual market as going away and they are getting out of it. >> i will give you that point for the purpose of the discussion. i will go with you on that. say that's the case. >> good. >> did you foresee that happening? >> when you change the mark, things change. >> that's not an answer. >> yeah, it is. >> did you foresee it? >> i saw them going to the exchanges because it's better for everyone including them. >> that's different. going to tex changes on their own because they saw it and said i like it,er than what i have is not the same as the insurance company saying, you are cancelled. you are on your own. did you foresee that happening? >> that's absolutely -- they have cancelled because they don't see -- >> you are not answering. >> they don't see it as a growing market. >> you are not answering. >> they think the exchange is
9:35 pm
rising. >> sir, you are not answering. >> i am. their business decision says the individual market is dying, we are going to the exchange. that's how they are playing this. >> okay. so when the president said to the people if you like your plan you can keep it, period, you believe he genuinely believe thad in his mind? >> the -- >> and not the cancellations -- >> whether you could anticipate what business would do is irrelevant. -- >> stop saying that. i will tell you what's relevant to the viewers. my viewers think this is relevant. can't you assume that i'm right and give us an answer? >> no. i'm going to tell you. the affordable care act didn't require any single insurance company to cancel a plan. they decided to do that. >> i'm giving you that for tonight. >> they decided for business reasons. >> i'm giving you that. listen, listen. >> they decided to do it for business reasons. >> listen. i'm giving you that. >> good. >> the insurance companies are bad. they did something bad. >> i just said they made a
9:36 pm
business decision. >> okay. why didn't you foresee it and plan against it and say to the american people, you need to know what's going to happen on the individual insurance market because it will be relevant to your life, your health and your children's health? >> because we were offering them a better platform to buy insurance called the exchange. >> okay. >> that was the rationale. >> i appreciate that answer. >> good. >> you have been saying today you believe there should have been a ceo in charge of the health care rollout. >> i said it weeks ago. >> shouldn't that have been something the president of the united states recognized at the onset of the law? >> i think someone should have been in place in spring, summer of 2010. someone should be in place today the. it's very important to have a single manager who has managerial experience as insurance company experience. >> should the president have reck recognized that sp. >> i think it is important.
9:37 pm
look, i recommended it. >> okay. i know you are loyal to oh the president. i don't want to criticize him. i don't understand why you can't just tell it to us straight. should he have seen this? why didn't they listen to you? why wasn't there such a person appointed? >> there were differences about how they wanted to run it. they decided to run it with people in cms having the charge for doing it. remember, this was not an environment which was hospitable to setting up the exchanges. you and your colleagues were trying to underfund it and make sure that didn't work. >> a lot of the criticism proved true. >> it's a self-fulfilling prophecy. we'll try to make it fail and when it fails we se s we'll sayd it fail? >> i don't think fox news had
9:38 pm
anything to do with the rollout of health >> you were constantly attacking the law and trying to make it underfunded. >> it was all our fault. >> okay. >> let me ask you about health this is what people worry about. >> i worry, too. >> if the 5 million, whatever the number. >> 3 million, okay. >> 3, okay, fine. then they can't get on health in time to get coverage for january 1. then you have millions of people who do not have insurance come january 1. >> that will be a serious problem. i absolutely agree with you. all the more reason that it is important by tend of the month that health work. i have said it before. >> what are we going to do if it doesn't work? >> let me tell you, megyn, i don't think this is complicated computer science. i think it can be done. i do think they will get it done. if they don't then they really
9:39 pm
are in trouble. >> listen, you're fun to talk to. thanks for being here. >> good. thank you. >> all right. i know you are already sharing your thoughts on twitter. when senator ted cruz tried to block obama care he was labeled a kook, a laughingstock and a threat. how does he feel now that most of congress is rushing to rewrite his law. we'll ask him next. [ fishing rod casting line, marching band playing ] [ male announcer ] the rhythm of life. [ whistle blowing ] where do you hear that beat? campbell's healthy request soup lets you hear it in your heart. [ basketball bouncing ] heart healthy. [ m'm... ] great taste. [ tapping ] sounds good. campbell's healthy request. m'm! m'm! good.® but with less energy, moodiness, and a low sex drive,y first.t.
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because you're criticizeded for holding up the government to try to stop the law from rolling out. now, that we see bipartisan outrage in response to the law. what is it like for you? >> well, look. it's heart breaking so many americans are being hurt. what it is, is vindication. unfortunately, the washington establishment didn't listen to millions who said let's stop it. now, all he has to do is travel to the state of
9:45 pm
texas as i do, often, and visit with any of the millions of people getting these cancellation notices. you talk to mothers who have kids with diabetes, suddenly lost health care, they're scared and it's all caused by congress, this thing isn't working. we need to start over. >> what could fix it now? i mean, these plans to make people keep insurance, maybe that can help. people not get cancelled if they haven't been yet. but 5 million people have been cancelled? >> the bills of the white house, of the democrats are talking about are not going to make a difference to 5 million people that lost their health care already. not going to make a difference to 90 plus million who have employer provided health care. the only way to stop the problems is to admit this idea was fundamentally
9:46 pm
flawed to begin with. at this point, starting over is the essence of pragma tichlt sm. three and a half yiers ago reasonable minds could have discussed whether or not it will work. we have to say let's stop, let's start over. and let's number one, of the hippo crattic oath says do not harm. >> so now, you're calling for what? >> well, i think we need to do two things. number one, we need to suspend obamacare. repeel it altogether because it's not working. acknowledge this thing is fundamentally flawed. then, two, we need positive health care reform. importantly. to empower consumers to purchase health insurance across state lines to create a true national
9:47 pm
market so your health insurance can be affordable and personal. i intend to layout a plan to provide that. a plan to repeal obamacare altogether and expand options for 5 million people who have lost health insurance and 300 million people to expand options to have affordable, personal health care. >> senator ted cruz, thank you for being here. >> brat to be with you >> up next, poll after poll put hillary clinton way ahead of chris christy, but suddenly, the lead is gone. and ahead, congressman darrell issa. >> there is no question a decision was made not to be honest with the american people about keeping their plans z rule making process made matters worse but importantly, this is an administration that doesn't seem to be able to find out about problems in advance and
9:48 pm
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what's really at stake here is if this thing really goes south, if obama care truly self-destructs, i don't know that it's certain. i would say right now it is more than likely. i think it really will set back american liberalism for a decade at least. >> it may be too early to tell if we are seeing the death of liberalism. when we look at the 2016 front runners hillary clinton's once healthy lead is looking sickly. joining me now gerard whitman of whitman insight strategies and monica crowley, host of the monica crowley radio show.
9:52 pm
we don't know who will get the nomination. chris christie, 43. hillary clinton, 42. they had been handily beating everyone in the republican field a short time ago. what do you think dew make of it? >> any presidential poll this far out is absurd. it's an academic exercise. when they polled against other people like marco rubio or paul ryan she still has a healthy lead. we assume she will have the democratic nominee. there are things going on against governor christie. he won a huge victory in a blue state. he has a big lead. he's charismatic. don't under estimate the power of normal and fresh as an appeal going into 2016. >> normal? >> well, look, he's a big guy. sort of a blue collar guy with
9:53 pm
appeal across the board. normal and fresh. after eight exhausting years of obama care and 20 of clinton. >> listen. that would explain some narrowing of the polls in general. this is just on the heels of obama care. >> an nbc poll which came out within the last day has hillary up. it's important to remember that these polls aren't great indicators. ask rudy giuliani and hillary clinton who two years out from 2008 were tied. rudy giuliani was beating hillary clinton when republican favorability was in the 40s. >> of course it can change. but the question is this snapshot we have from the poll suggests that something is at play here. >> here's what's at play. there is no question the future of hillary clinton as a presidential candidate rests in large amount on how people will feel about president obama at the end of four years, not at
9:54 pm
the end of the first first year of his second term. today approval rating is down. then it will drive downhill clint's attractiveness. this is a result of the incredibly bad rollout of obama care. we have three years left. the deficit has come down. >> we have three years to the ex-presidential election but one until the midterms. that's why we are seeing senate democrats -- what? obama who? >> they are fleeing the scene of the obama care accident. look, you have the democrat in north carolina, senator kay hagan whose nine-point lead evaporated in the last few weeks. there is an obama care effect. democrats are running scared. hillary clinton should be nervous. she's the god mother of socialized medicine. >> the polls show 50% of the american people believe he told them an intentional lie.
9:55 pm
>> i will disagree. >> if obama care is the central issue not just next year but in 2016. >> it's not going to be. here's why. smart democrats in tough re-election battles will force the president and the party to put in a fix quickly. i think obama care was the law that could be improved. look, i think you have to follow president clinton's advice which president obama picked up on. they will get a bill out into the senate and into the house that's going to be allowing people whose plans are cancelled. they have to fix it. >> there is a question about whether that collapses obama care. they need the people to abandon the plan. >> the only fix is a full repeal which -- >> i disagree with that. >> if they need those people to go into the exchange and if the premiums go sky high and fewer people sign up. that's the spiral.
9:56 pm
that's part of the spiral. >> then you git the excuse you will get from the white house that the only choice is to get us into single payer. >> save that for another day. >> 100,000 people have health care that didn't have it prior to october. >> it's over between us, bernard. tell us what you think. we'll be right back. customer erin swenson ordered shoes from us online
9:57 pm
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"the kelly file" follow up. remember chris cox, one of our first guests. the south carolina man who decided to clean up the national
10:00 pm
mall when the government shut down. he picked up trash at the world war ii memorial and mowed the lawn at therein c lincoln memor. today he was rewarded with a chainsaw and a new riding lawn mower. thanks for watching. i'm megyn kelly. welcome to "hannity." the train wreck got embarrassing. exactly how many people elected to participate in the program. and to put it bluntly, after three years of mismanagement and hundreds of millions of your tax dollars wasted, the results are just a disaster. let's look at the numbers. 106,000 americans have, quote, selected health plans since the disastrous rollout began. that doesn't mean 106,000 people have enrolled. actually far from it. the white house inflated the total by including those who


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